Highly motivated and professional Product Assistant Product Manager with 8+ Years Experience in Digital Media Marketing for both B2B & B2C Industry.

Helped companies ( B2B & B2C ) companies in achieving Online Growth. Strong knowledge in working with Big Data Analytics Projects, helped companies growing brand marketing, lead generation via Social Media, Google Adwords.

Proficient Skills :
o LinkedIn Marketing
o Website Optimization
o Content Strategy – Branding, News, Blogging, Topics
o Social Media Marketing
o Google Analytics | Big Data Analytics
o Online Reputation Management
o Lead Generation Strategy Development

Certificate Details :

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Digital Unlock Certification
  • C- Language Certification
  • Certificate in Computing

Start-up company Expperience

Worked with some startup companies from the very beginning and generated a strong brand base for the company.

  1. Shout Analytics : Shout Analytics is a social media analytics platform that helps organizations leverage the power of social media websites to understand, monitor, verify and swiftly respond to customer preferences and feedback.

    Shout Analytics social media analytics/social analytics provides marketing organizations advanced analytical capabilities that helps them in branding (Brand Intelligence), Marketing (Market Analysis/Competitor Analysis), Sales (Sales Intelligence) and Customer Analysis.

    2. Sapience Analytics : Sapience collects digital signals from various systems in an organization and populates dashboards that help business leaders get visibility into productivity and work patterns of their team.

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